Welcome to Late-Starters’ Journey to Financial Freedom!

This is our 1st post, Feb 09, 2007. We are Yannick and Jacqui, a happily married couple, both in our 30’s already.

We are Late-Starters — on blogging and on the journey to financial freedom.

We have already learned a lot of personal finance “theories”, we have been reading personal finance blogs for years, … yet, we did not start practicing the “theories” till recently, we did not post our own blog till today….. We are truly — Late-Starters!

We had a lot of excuses to start late.

We did not learn English till secondary school, so we were scared of writing blogs in English.

We came to America after college. America is a completely strange world to us, we needed time to adjust.

We were in graduate schools for 6/9 years. The stipend to graduate students were so low that we thought it impossible to practice those personal finance theories!!!

Now, after reading so many people’s stories to financial freedom, we know that we should not wait any longer. We need to work hard on winning our financial freedom right away.

This is a diary of our journey to financial freedom. We want to use this diary to share our experience on the journey, to encourage people in similar situations, and to hear from people on the same journey. Let’s help each other, late-starters can catch up!


One Response to “Welcome to Late-Starters’ Journey to Financial Freedom!”

  1. Peter Hansen Says:

    Fantastic well this reading. More Mr Hansen send greeting at Denmark. LOL

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