What shall I get for Valentine?

My colleagues asked me this question, my husband asked me this question too.

Everyone knows that I am “chocolateholic”, so chocolate is a no brainer.

But I told my husband,

” You do not have to give me the chocolate on Valentine’s day. Go and get it on 15th, or the weekend after the Valentine. All Valentine chocolate will be on sale then. “

A friend screamed ” That’s not very loving”.

Why not? He is buying me chocolate to show his love, I help him save some money to show my love. Love-love situation!

I am happy that I am not a designer-freak, or diamond-lover, or anything like that. Saves both of us a lot of money, energy, and potential for argument.

Happy Valentine!


One Response to “What shall I get for Valentine?”

  1. mOOm Says:

    I’m not really a day-trader. The whole point of developing systematic trading models is to reduce the time I need to spend on trading. So far it is only partially successful in that regard. I’m spending more time on it than is good for my academic career but I feel that is at a deadend anyway even though I got tenure. I am mainly trading the NASDAQ 100 index using futures, and QQQQ stock and options. Money is made by trading in the direction of the model which is a fairly esoteric time series model and a bunch of trading rules. Market news, mainly macroeconomics for NDX and occasionally earnings releases of big firms, provides shocks and volatility. Life would be easier without the big news releases. Occasionally I do trade around a news release on an individual stock like Apple Computer. But generally I prefer to stick to technical analysis rather than trying to play those kind of “fundamentals”. I learnt all my econometrics in economics classes and then self study afterwards, not in my geography classes (well I skipped the stats one as I was doing econ). All the finance stuff I know I taught myself after getting my PhD too.

    “You are the first commentor to our later-starters’ blog . Thanks a lot!Actually, after I first read your blog, I guessed that you got your PhD in statistics. I did not know that geography used lots of time series. I thought it might use some spatial data and models. In any case, your career path is incredible to me. I can’t imagine teaching intermediate geography some day, even if I finish my PhD in economics.Yes, the lack of choice in location is a big problem in adcademia. The lack of leisure time in the first 6-7 years before getting the tenure is even more scary. I feel lucky that only my husband has to deal with it now:)Actually, what amazes my husband and I most is that you can be a professor and a day trader at the same time. We always feel that we do not have enough time to research the market. My husband believe more in fundamentals than in some random walk theory. He has to do a lot of research on the company before he can make a decision on a single stock. So he ended up buying mutual funds, letting others do the research for us. I do not have much faith in techinical analysis too. I think that to say that the stock price is following some geometric brownian motion is a “HUGE” assumption. Of course I might be wrong. I do not really know much about the stock market. All I learned is just text-book econometrics. However, some how, I feel that it is those “Market Events” that help make money in day trading, and I just do not believe that we can model market events. I am really curious about your trading model. I will keep reading your blogger, hopefully, I will regain my faith on econometrics models from your blog :)Thanks again for being our first commentor! “

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