Our Financial Goal – I

We all have heard of the stories on how writing down your goals may help you achieve them. I don’t know if it’s true for others, but for someone forgetful like me, you bet it’s going to help. Our immediate goal is to have enough income to relieve Jacqui from her job. And you know who is going to earn that income right? Probably not our future kids.

I am now in the job market for my first real job. I am good at math and coding and can try my luck in the financial industry. However, I really feel that my life is too short to waste in the quant’s position. I believe in doing things I love. If I’m really good, money (not necessarily big money) will come, or I should be able to make a living.

That being said, I am now probably interested in too many career paths: entrepreneur, university professor, consulting, research scientist, and so on. I am interested in the quant job even, just not its life style. However, all the above are meaningless without a happy Jacqui. I want to have enough time at home to be with her, while at the same time, bring home enough income (good pay). Does such a job exist, with good pay and allowing a good life style?

If not, I probably will accept a lower pay, since both Jacqui and I are pretty frugal. More importantly, move to an inexpensive area and enjoy our life.


3 Responses to “Our Financial Goal – I”

  1. Jacqui Says:

    I know that I will get objections from many people, but I can’t help. I have to say that I feel so happy when Yannick said that his “immediate goal is to have enough income to relieve Jacqui from her job.”

    My dream is to become a good housewife. Now you know that I am from China, you might think that it is our “old conservative culture” that gave me this dream. No, not at all. I was born in a small city in
    “after cultural revolution” era. I never met a housewife before I came to America. I was a “good” child, very obedient to public opinion. The public consensus, at that time, was that a child must do well in academics. So I worked hard to achieve the “academic excellence”. My parents, relatives, friends, teachers all think that I must “love” academics because I did really well in it.

    However, deep in my heart, I know that I wanted something else. I think it is those ancient novels that gave me this idea. Somehow, I feel that the role I really want to take, is to be a good housewife. Staying at home, taking care of my husband, taking care of kids.

    It is tough on the family to have a stay-home housewife in America these days. So, I guess that I still have to work for a while, even just for the insurance sake — I can’t imagine the life if we have to pay all those medical bills ourselves. But at least I feel the “hope”. It is Yannick’s “goal”, and he always works hard to realize his goal.

    Can anything be sweeter than knowing that your dream is your better-half’s goal?

  2. Kenric Says:

    I just made a few posts on goal setting. I believe that its very important. I wrote my on my blog because I needed for it to be written and known.

  3. Yannick Says:


    Nice to meet you on our blog. I totally agree that a written goal is much more likely to be accomplished, and maybe more quickly as well.

    Do you mind of giving a link to your blog? I clicked on your name but it didn’t link to your profile on blogger or your blog.

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