Win a free 2006 TaxCut Premium with e-file by sharing your tax filing experience

Our dear readers:

Thank you for visiting our blog. Yannick and I shared our tax filing experience on various topics such as filing as a non-resident alien or resident alien, claiming tax treaty benefits after becoming a resident alien for international students, an unpleasant experience with encrypted pdf tax forms, contributing to a 2006 Roth IRA and most recently how to deal with incomes from two states as a double-income couple.

Now here is the fun part. Someone from TaxCut came across my last post and thought my sharing was good. He has kindly given me a free coupon code to download a copy of TaxCut Premium (Federal + State + efile) , retail value of $64.99. I have no use of it and will give it away to one lucky reader through a lottery.

Here is how to enter the lottery:
You can either
1. Comment on this post and leave your email and nickname to enter the lottery for one chance to win,
or better yet, 2. share your tax filing method (manual, TaxCut, Turbo Tax, Turbo Tax+Quicken, or TaxCut+MS Money like us) to double your chance to win,
or the best, 3. share with us your experience briefly on how well the approach works for three times your chance to win.
You can enter the lottery before Noon Sunday (03/25) PT and the winner will be announced by Sunday night.

How to decide the winner:
Each entry will be assigned to 1, 2 or 3 unique numbers sequentially starting from 0. I will use a random number generator to generate a winner from the above numbers.

We were really satisfied with the TaxCut interview process and how seamless it generated 1040, Schedule A, B, Ds after pulling data out of MS Money. We are curious about how well the other approaches work.

Questions and comments? Good luck!!!


9 Responses to “Win a free 2006 TaxCut Premium with e-file by sharing your tax filing experience”

  1. Jessica H. Says:

    sweet. i’ve been filing manually, quite painful. hope i can get the chance to file electronically.

  2. JAX Says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to file??

    Check this out:

  3. Yannick Says:

    Congrats Jessica! You are the sole contender, thus, it’s a sure win for you!

    The instructions will be emailed to you shortly.

  4. Yannick Says:


    thanks for the interesting link. that would be a rather radical change, a whole new sales tax system without income tax at all.

    i’m not a tax expert, thus, have no comments on how practical to enforce such a high sales tax. i imagine it would encourage black market and smuggling.

    another important question is on wealth redistribution function of the tax system. it’s impossible to rely on sales tax ONLY to redistribute wealth effectively (namely tax rich people with higher rate). not to mention that high tax on medical expenses could only enlarge the disparity of medical treatment received by the poor and the rich.

  5. Thomas Cranner Says:

    No waiting for shipping. Direct downloads to your pc.

    Office 2003 $54.99
    Frontpage 2003 $49.99
    TURBO TAX Premier 2007 $34.99

    Many more discounted titles available.

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