My Credit Card is in the T.J.Maxx hijacked list, and I want to "settle down"!

I was checking my credit card activities this morning, and strangely, none of my transactions I made this month showed up. Then I noticed an account alert and a number to call.

The CSR asked me whether I have received a new card with a new number. I told her no. And I asked her why I had to get a new number.
She then told me that my credit card was on the list of those credit cards that got hijacked at T.J.Maxx. So they decided to issue me a new card.

I got worried. From my research on credit scoring, it is a good practice to keep your credit card with long history. The longer your credit history, the better. Last time, I accidentally closed my eldest credit card when an Indian CSR consolidated my cards instead of consolidating my “credit lines”. They could not reverse it. I do not want my credit score to get hurt again. Though the CSR promised that this would not affect my credit score this time, I was not very convinced.

And the second thing I have to worry about is my billing address. In order to keep a nice credit history, I never changed my billing address. Everything is still mailed to our old address, and then forwarded to us by friends. The card must have been sent to the old address if it was sent. I have to wait for a while. I can still use my current card, but the activity goes to the other card, strange, and not convenient.

Now and again, I am nagging Yannick about “settling down”. I can’t even have a permanent address! This affects everything–finance, shopping, and security…I asked him to read Degeratilife’s feeling about her spouse going for a Start up , the uncertainty, the feeling of insecure, blah blah…

In the end, I know that he will still win. He is going to do whatever he wants to do, and I will be supportive — it is inefficient to be unsupportive within a family, it is just that simple. My mom is already on his side, can you believe that? So, what else can I do other than a supporter?


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