Got my second raise.

Just got a small raise yesterday. together with a small promotion. I made a mistake by accepting a very low starting salary. Thanks to Yannick’s persistence, I started the battle for correcting it since last year. And I am lucky to have two bosses who are very nice to me. I won both battles, and adding up, it is about 30% raise in a year.

I am not really that pround of the raise or promotion. As my boss says, this is still very low compared with market value. But I made the mistake, and this is as much as he can help.

But I am really grateful to my boss. 30% raise for a new hire in the first year is very rare, I believe.

This actually encourages Yannick to go to Industry.I am one of those women who find “asking for a raise really difficult”. On the other hand, I feel that Yannick is obessed with “fighting for a raise”. Both times, it was him who pushed me to fight for the raise. And he keeps saying that one of the regrets he might have from going to academia is that he will lose the opportunities to fight for a raise.

And recently, moomin’s little raise discouraged him even more from going for academia.

What shall I say? He is in a field where a professor’s pay is much lower than a professor’s pay in my field. I wanted him to be a professor, based on my knowledge, which does not apply to his case.

And, if I still want to be a stay-home housewife, I think that I should help him to go to industry. After all, I would rather encouraging him to fight for a raise than struggling for the little pay check myself. He can enjoy the battle, I can enjoy the money, a real win-win situation.