What is the gas mileage of your car?

Just came about an article on hypermiling: wringing every last ounce of fuel efficiency out of a car. The story starts with Wayne Gerdes’ going 2,254 miles driving a Honda Insight on a single 13.7-gallon tank of gas. When I bought my SUV, $600 a year on gas is maximum. Right now, I’m looking at north of $3000 a year (longer commute as well). This is indeed a large chunk of ongoing expense.

Here are the tips offered by the article:

  • Brake sparingly.
  • Time the stoplights on your commute route, and avoid red lights by adjusting your speed.

  • To idle is to sin.
  • If you’re going to be at a standstill for 10 seconds or more, cut off the engine.

  • Speed kills.
  • Follow the speed limit, or go at a slightly slower speed. The optimal speed seems to be ranging from 45 to 55 miles per hour.

  • Avoid the big chill.
  • “Today’s cars can’t kick into their most efficient mode — called “closed-loop operation” — until the engine is sufficiently warm.” Invest in an engine-block heater or always go the longest segment of a multi-segments trip.

  • Beware of drag.
  • Closed windows and no A/C are best.

  • Lose the weight.
  • Pay attention to load.
  • Try to keep gas consumption at a constant level instead of trying to maintain a constant speed, why you and not be honked by drivers after you.

  • Be not a hare.
  • Inflating tires to their maximum allowable pressure

  • Set up for success.
  • Inflate tires to their maximum allowable pressure and use synthetic engine oil.

Using the tips, I got 28mpg out of a SUV rated at 24 mpg at an average speed of 65mph. How about you? If you want more hypermiling tips, visit GasSavers.org or Gerdes’ own Web site, CleanMPG.com.

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